Just the amount you need for those who want to drink plenty

Pocket 380

As a bottle, we have pursued only the functions that are really necessary, and have developed a vacuum double structure stainless steel mug bottle that is light, durable, has excellent cold and heat insulation, and has a perfect 380ml capacity.

Excellent cold insulation and heat retention, lightweight

Thermal insulation effect 69 degrees or more (6 hours), cold insulation effect 8 degrees or less (6 hours),

We achieved a lightness of about 215g while having a high heat and cold insulation effect.

Only as much as you need for those who want to drink plenty

Inner scale to measure volume

There is a scale every 50mL from 100mL to 300mL inside,

Convenient to make powdered drinks without measuring!

drink holder size

Handle type for easy removal

The diameter is about Φ72, the size of a drink holder.

The shape of the lid makes it easy to remove from the holder,

Considering the ease of opening and closing, we made it a handle type.

Wide aperture for easy cleaning


Large ice cubes can be put in directly.
The inner plug with anti-icing function is

Just the right amount when tilted

It is thought to flow,

Smooth drinking comfort and no stress.

The inside is mirror-finished to prevent dirt from sticking,

It is also characterized by a refreshing feeling after washing.